Living in an urban area, there isn't always room for improvement. Houses can be cramped together, and if you want to create something you usually end up encroaching on someone else's space. Another big problem is that the process of building can be an eye-sore.  
However, once in a while you find a space like the one found by this individual. It was an unused space, so he decided that something could have been done with it. He started by driving some posts into the ground, and went on from there.

Neighbors were concerned with this DIY project, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Over the course of a few weeks he decided that he could create something beautiful with it. It started with a fence, but then it became something so much better.

What do you think? Is this a clever way to spruce up a yard that otherwise wouldn't get love? Do you like the finished project? I personally think this is a great idea, not only is the project itself beautiful, but it might just inspire neighbors to try it for themselves. I sure know that I am.