It has become fairly common for parents to post videos or photographs of how they discipline their children. Often these are helpful motivational tips, or videos of the parent while the child remains anonymous. On occasion however, a video or image will go viral of a parent deliberately embarrassing their child using social media. 

Some of the most recent examples of this kind of public shaming include a woman who found out her 13 year old daughter was lying about her age and posting provocative messages on Facebook. In response, she made a video wherein she forces the daughter to publicly admit her real age along with a few no-so-flattering facts about herself. Another popular trend is the "old-man haircut." Boys who want to act grown can now look grown. In another story, a man who discovered his son was bullying a classmate forced his son to change his Facebook profile picture to one of him holding up a confession and a listing of his punishment. 

In this video, the father seems poised to give his son the embarrassing hair-cut mentioned above, but listen to what he says at the halfway point. This video was not actually intended to shame his son, but to call attention to this new fad in parenting. Shame and public humiliation as a form of behavior management has no place in this man's family.

Note, he never says that he does not discipline his child. Nor does he imply that stern punishments have no place in parenting. In fact, clear boundaries and expectations are key elements in his fathering- but so is respect for his son. He models the behavior he wants to see. Whether or not you agree with his religious position, I think you'll agree that he's a wonderful father and role model. 

What do you think? Do you believe there is a time and a place for "public shaming," or is that just lazy parenting? Weigh in by commenting, and if you agree with this Dad, share the video with your friends.