Artist Marina Abramovic was performing her piece "The Artist Is Present," a live-art performance piece where Marina invited strangers to sit across from her for as long as they wished (See video below). One after another, members of the crowd came up and shared a moment with the artist. Marina sat for over 7 hours per day sitting silently across from gallery dwellers. 

The participants could sit with Marina for however long they desired. Some chose to spend only a few minutes sitting across the table, while others sat silently for over an hour. What Marina didn't know is that her former lover Ulay was in attendance. The two were a performing art couple in the 70's, but the pair hadn't seen each other for 30 years.

As soon as Ulay sat down, a wave of emotion came over Marina. The two artists spent 12 years of their lives loving each other. The last time the couple had seen each other, they trekked over 1000 miles each from opposite sides of the Great Wall of China - just to meet each other in the middle and say goodbye.

No matter how much time passes, true love never dies! Below is a photo gallery showing some photos of the artists when they were younger, and farther below is the video of their beautiful surprise reunion. The look on Marina's face absolutely shatters my heart every time I watch it.