Dean Harper's search for his daughter lasted 16 years, when a stroke of luck and some detective work led him to their reunion. He hadn't seen little Athena since she was 2, when she was taken by his ex-wife who would not allow Dean to see their child. Once his ex and daughter moved, Dean's ties to Athena were completely severed and his fruitless search efforts began.

As it turns out, Athena had been put in foster care, which was why Dean allegedly couldn't track her down. It wasn't until he stumbled upon a facebook video of a former family member in which he recognized his daughter that his luck started to turn. From the video he noticed a house and went straight to google maps, "walking the streets"in search of the home he spotted in the video. The interview below does not explain why he couldn't have contacted the family member, but at this point, the important thing is that after three years he was able to track her down. His search was over.

His moment of relief would be tainted however, when Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, the organization that was looking after Athena, slammed him with a $7,800 bill for parental back fees. As you can imagine, this came as quite a surprise since they never once tried to find him, even though he was allegedly in their system. He plans to fight the fees, but also take legal action against Batshaw withholding his daughter from him.

Can you believe something like this actually happened? How would you feel if you were his daughter and you found out that your father had been looking for you this whole time? How would you feel if you were Dean and asked to pay $7,800 to the organization that was withholding your daughter from you? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.