To capture each and every moment of his wife's first pregnancy, YouTuber TheDunderBoy came up with an excellent plan. Each day he took a still photograph of his wife, always in the same position and in the same room. After nine months of her pregnancy, Dad had created something breathtaking.

The room in which Mom stands, which initially appears to be some sort of guest room, evolves over time into a nursery for the baby. The bed gets removed, the wall gets painted a shade of blue, and Mom's tummy grows and grows. Her baby bump is now apparent, and in comes the crib.

Here at SFG, we've seen various celebrations and announcements of pregnancies. It's always fascinating to see the unique spin that parents will put on an announcement video or something similar. We've seen the time lapse before, but each time it's different and each time we're captivated. This video is no exception - as we were delighted to watch Mom's progression.

Check out the video below to watch nine months of pregnancy in 90 seconds. It's a really touching video, and we knew we had to share it with our viewers. What is your opinion on the video? Do you like how Mom and Dad captured change in their lives? If you enjoyed the video, be sure to share it on Facebook!