If you don't know how powerful makeup really is, you definitely will after watching this video. From the YouTube channel NikkieTutorials comes a drastic look at the effects of makeup and its ability to transform the face. Inspired by comments and people being shocked that bare-faced Nikkie could also be YouTube Nikkie, she decided to do a video applying full makeup to only half her face. The result is fascinating, to say the least.

There are plenty of makeup tutorials that are only just a click away on the internet, but not all of them carry a message behind them like this one. Nikkie introduces her video by explaining a phenomenon she's noticed when it comes to girls wearing makeup. She describes how women are being made to feel guilty for wearing and loving makeup. 

There's no doubt that makeup enhances the features and can be used for the most subtle and drastic of transformations. Shaming women for wearing a lot of makeup is something that is becoming increasingly pervasive in society. My take on the matter is that if wearing makeup helps one feel more confident and have better self-esteem, then who are we to stop them? 

I absolutely love makeup. I don't always wear it everyday, but when I do, it's fun to see the change. Watching Nikkie transform half of her face was fascinating. The "before" and "after" is, indeed, very drastic, which just goes to show how powerful makeup really is. Watch the video and share your thoughts on the power of makeup in the comments section. We love hearing from you!