The Daily Mail recently reported a truly harrowing incident in which drunk driving nearly cost the lives of a mother and her darling twins (pictures below). What started off as an ordinary walk in the park, quickly turned tragic when an out-of-control car came barreling through the grass, forcing mom to act fast in an effort to save her children's lives. The intoxicated driver struck her stroller, however, causing the little ones to go flying through the air. 
One of her babies flew behind the wheel of the crashed vehicle, and as the driver began to go into reverse, the frantic pleas from mom thankfully caused him to stop. The driver, who was reportedly ten-times the legal intoxication limit, faces criminal charges of drunk driving and endangering the lives of others. Miraculously, the twins survived the incident and are currently in stable condition. 

The photos below show real evidence of what can happen when people drive under the influence.  This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and should be punished as such. We want to know what you think about people who drive intoxicated, so tell us how this story made you feel in the comments below. 

Help spread what happened if you believe there should be an end to people like this getting behind the wheel and endangering innocent lives.

Mom huddles over her terrified children, one of whom suffered an injury over her left eye which caused some bleeding. 

The police found her in hysterics in light of what had just happened to them.
The vehicle in question is shown crashed into the brush, as the mangled stroller lay off to its side.

The officer is standing by the driver's side window, talking to the guilty party.
Another angle shows the carnage, and a smattering of people gathering around to assess what had just happened.

At this point the injured children had been removed from the scene.
This is the man responsible for endangering the lives of the innocent. I feel his reckless actions should be severely punished, but am thankful that everyone will be okay. Next time, the victims might not be so lucky.