Denver, CO experiences some of the most dynamic weather in the United States. From scorching heat in the summertime to cripplingly cold blizzards in the winter, you always know what season it is in Colorado. Its weather almost seems to try to remind you how powerless you are in the face of Mother Nature's wrath.

Summer thunderstorms certainly fall into that category. Moving in fast and furiously, they can turn a once-sunny day into a soaking-wet nightmare, sometimes complete with lightning and hail. You read that right - hail pounding the pavement in the summer months is a real occurrence in Colorado. That was definitely the case in the video below.

Casey Boatman was, thankfully, safely inside his house during the worst of this severe thunderstorm. When he looked out his living room window, however, he saw someone not so lucky caught out in the storm - a poor pooch. In the next instant, he saw his neighbor rush out to collect the poor dog, who'd been outside tied to the tree for about ten minutes. Even though it wasn't her own pet, the woman risked the hail to bring him to safety.

Thank God for heroes like her - and shame on whomever left his or her dog beneath that tree. It breaks our hearts that someone could do that - almost as much as it warms them that Boatman's neighbor rushed out to the rescue. What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below and share it on Facebook to highlight the kindness of this woman.