It's utterly fascinating to watch a woman's stomach grow as she progresses through her pregnancy. One of the more magical moments of those 9 months is when Mom can feel her baby kicking and moving around. According to WebMD, it's typical to start feeling the baby kick anywhere between weeks 16 and 25 of the pregnancy. For first-timers, it may take a little while before feeling any movement, while mothers on their second or third pregnancy may feel things stir as early as week 13.

Those first few flutters in the stomach typically occur when Mom is lying down in a relaxed state. Here at SFG we can attest to that, as we've seen a number of videos where Mom lounges on the couch while her baby moves around. Below, Dad pushes on Mom's belly and watches in amazement as the baby returns the favor. How cool is that? Have you ever seen anything like it? Chime in below and don't forget to share this video on Facebook with your family and friends!