Jackie Evancho first turned heads with her angelic voice on the fifth season of America's Got Talent (she ultimately won runner-up). Everyone found it hard to believe that such a powerful soprano voice could emanate from such a poised, tiny 10-year-old girl.
Now at 15, she's become a successful classical crossover singer with millions of records sold, international performances, and even a debut acting role playing Robert Redford's daughter. This rising star also shares the stage with the likes of classical superstar Andrea Bocelli. With this caliber of talent, there's simply no denying that Jackie Evancho is a timeless singer we'll be hearing from for years to come.

Her duet partner in this video, Josh Page, is a supremely talented classical tenor and comprises one-third of the Forte Tenors group. Also a former contestant of America's Got Talent, the prodigious Mr. Page first put himself on the map with his impromptu "fan" duet during one of Josh Groban's live shows at Madison Square Garden. This performance ultimately earned him David Foster's attention and launched his career as a successful classical-crossover star, just like Jackie Evancho.

In 2012, these two young singers came together to perform "The Prayer." Their classic voices blended together flawlessly for a chillingly beautiful rendition of this gorgeous song.  

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