If you're anything like us, you drink a lot of Diet Coke. However, it's hard not to feel guilt pangs watching the empty cans pile up in your recycling bin. For instance, did you know that the Container Recycling Institute estimates 36 billion aluminum cans were put in landfills in 2012?

That's why we're loving these Diet Coke can hacks from Brooke at What's Up Moms: watch as she upcycles these would-be pieces of trash into fabulous little pieces of home decor. Who knew you could transform a chunk of aluminum into something so fabulous?

It's easy to disregard the importance of eco-friendliness in our busy lives and it may often feel like our efforts to recycle don't actually make a big impact on the environment. 

However, Keep America Beautiful reports that when Americans recycled 82 tons of material in 2009, it was the equivalent of removing 33 million drivers from our roads – the carbon dioxide impact was truly that substantial. They also note that used aluminum cans make their way back to store shelves in as soon as 60 days and that recycling just one can saves enough energy to run your TV for several hours.

Statistics like this truly prove that taking the time to recycle has a tangible and real impact on our environment. And individuals like Brooke from Whats Up Moms take this eco-conscious concept one step further by actually repurposing, or "upcycling," garbage materials into new and useful household items.

Here at SF Globe, we're loving the simplicity of her easy-to-pull-off DIYs. Regardless of whether you toss your Diet Coke cans into the blue bin or attempt these soda can hacks as a way to spruce up your home, we can all agree that making strides towards eco-friendliness makes a better planet for ourselves, our children, and generations to come.

Would you ever attempt any of these upcycle tricks? Do you have any good ones of your own? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.