Warning: this video contains scenes of animal abuse and may be difficult for some people to watch.

If you're a Costco shopper, you might want to pay attention to this video. Watch as the Humane Society of the United States exposes its egg suppliers' practices, revealing the truly appalling conditions in which they keep their chickens. The grassy meadows on their egg cartons portray a "cage-free" environment, but in actuality, these chickens are stuffed into filthy cages and made to lay eggs on the mummified corpses of their dead cage-mates.
And one famous face is shining a very public light on these atrocities. According to CNN Money, Ryan Gosling wrote an open letter to Costco CEO Craig Jelinek, calling for the retail giant to go cage-free and quit using egg suppliers that abuse chickens. While it's downright disturbing to see Costco's farming practices exposed, we hope this investigation will empower shoppers to demand change and seek the humane treatment of animals (and kudos to Mr. Gosling for his passionate advocacy on the matter). 

Do you shop at Costco? Would you think twice about buying their products knowing that its suppliers subject animals to this kind of treatment? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share this video if you found it as informative as we did.