Warning: this video contains strong language.

This motorcyclist was simply cruising down the road in Greenwood, Indiana, when he noticed a strange sight in the sky. Thankfully he pulled out his camera because the phenomenon he captured on film is actually quite rare. While our first thoughts were either alien attack or apocalyptic storm, many believe this video actually showcases a crown flash.
What exactly is a crown flash, though? NASA explains that during a thunderstorm, lightning strikes can shift the electric field above the clouds. Because this field is comprised of geometric ice crystals, their sudden rearranging creates some very interesting light patterns. However, a crown flash is considered so rare because seldom is there enough sunlight to properly illuminate the shifting crystals. Hence, the elusive crown flash. Pretty cool stuff!

While our alien speculation is a bit more fun, this explanation makes perfect logical sense. What would your first instinct have been upon seeing such a strange sight in the sky? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this phenomenon as cool as we did!