After the ceremony, the food, and all the mayhem, wedding-goers take to the dance floor to complete the memorable night. There, two traditions take place: the bride blindly tosses her bouquet and the groom throws his bride's garter. Legend has it that the lucky individual who catches either the flowers or band will be the next in line to tie the knot. Whether this sounds completely normal to you or utterly strange, it's been happening at weddings for hundreds of years.
According to Brides, the toss bouquet stemmed from a tradition in medieval Europe where, after the reception, guests would chase after the bride in attempt to rip off a piece of her dress, as it symbolized good luck. Over time, the dress-tearing turned into a flower toss - likely because brides didn't enjoy the idea of their dress getting ripped to pieces. Nowadays her dress goes unharmed and instead, with her back to the guests, she tosses her bouquet to the masses as they fight over the flowers.

Below, a simple bouquet toss becomes something much more. Watch this surprise unfold and be sure to share your thoughts with us.