Betsy, Veda, and Dixie Ross are a far cry from your typical trio of singers and dancers. Hailing from West Texas, they aimed to take their unique skills to the silver screen and ultimately hit it big in the 1940s when they were featured in the film 'Broadway Rhythm.' In an instant, the triple threat trio danced, sang, and most remarkably, contorted their way into America's mainstream.

Body-bending contortionists have been entertaining the world long before the Ross sisters ever graced a stage, in fact; in parts of the world like Mongolia, the tradition dates back hundreds of years and is a significant part of their culture. Rewinding the clock even further, it's believed that the first contortionists-for-hire date back to Ancient Rome, where they would be charged with entertaining the masses in arenas (preceding much more violent affairs).

Today, the legacy of contortionists like the Ross sisters live on through the occasional acts you'll find on the variety of talent shows that pepper our television programming like America's Got Talent. Those looking for the live experience can find these eye-popping performers featured prominently in productions like Cirque du Soleil. There's just something about watching the human body do things it shouldn't be able to do that's unshakably captivating.

Though the Ross sisters' window of fame was brief, the talent they possessed was clearly vast.It must have been a shock to watch them start their act with some singing and mild dancing, only to gawk in disbelief at the instantaneous segue into a full-blown contortion performance. Let us know what you thought of these amazing sisters, and spread this clip to anyone who loves being wowed by talent.