As the world searches for sustainable alternatives for all facets of living, one company thinks they have a solution that could pave the way for the future of agriculture. Cropbox is a branch of Williamson Greenhouses that takes shipping containers and turns them into stackable greenhouses. 

The Cropbox shipping container above sits completely contained on this property, providing agricultural growth without disturbing large chunks of land.
Not only could you stack the shipping containers themselves, but you can also stack rows of produce within each container. 
Herbs, greens, and lettuce thrive on the inside, while unpredictable weather looms on the outside.

They are also perfect for growing microgreens (84 tons/year), fodder (140 tons/year) and strawberries (7,000 lbs/year). 
The yields of on 320 square-foot shipping container equal that of a 2,200 square-foot greenhouse. Is this where agriculture is headed? Let me know what you think.