'Ambition' is the name of this short film that was the result of a collaboration between Platige Image and the European Space Agency (ESA). It was directed by Tomek Bagiński and starring Aiden Gillen and Aisling Franciosi, and while it is clearly a science fiction short, it was created to spark excitement and interest in ESA's Rosetta Mission. As described by ESA's website, the Rosetta Mission is ESA's plan to "rendezvous with, escort and land on a comet. A mission that began as a dream, but that after decades of planning, construction and flight through the Solar System, has arrived at its goal." At SF Globe, we love sharing material that makes science exciting, and 'Ambition' is a wildly exciting six and a half minute film. After all, ambition is what makes humanity so powerful. Ambition is our ability to attempt borderline impossible tasks, learn from our mistakes, adapt, and eventually evolve. 

This short depicts a master and his apprentice reconstructing and creating planets, comets, etc. from what appears to be mere rubble. They discuss space exploration, exploration of comets, and exploration of ideas from a distant future in which our present is but a thing of the history books. 

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