It can be nerve-wracking to meet our heroes because we never know if they'll live up to our expectations. However, Stephen Hawking doesn't disappoint. Watch as Alex, a Caltech graduate student studying Planetary Science, gets to ask her hero one question.

Stephen Hawking, a physicist and cosmologist, is considered one of the world's most brilliant minds. Diagnosed with a motor neuron disease related to ALS in the early 1960s, he was given a two-year life expectancy. However, he has defied all odds and lived to the age of 72. Despite being entirely paralyzed and forced to communicate through a speech-generating computer, Hawking is not only a genius but a man with a tremendous sense of humor. We admire his lifelong perseverance to succeed and his brief interview with a young fan like Alex inspires us to keep laughing, no matter what adversities life throws at us.

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