If you are looking for a fun sports top, try this little creative tip.  This is perfect for people who don't need a lot of support, and want a comfortable top with mild support. While we don't recommend this to be used as a true sports-bra for intensive aerobic workouts, it's perfect for low-impact yoga or as a sleep-bra. The final result is cute enough that it could also be worn under an open tank or as a top to lounge by the beach. 

The best part about this trick is the savings. A 3-pack of men's briefs in a variety of colors runs about the same price as one sports top. You could easily have one for every day of the week. Alternatively, if you wanted to join a growing trend in Asia wherein dating couples wear matching underwear, you and your beau can do it in a flash, and for a fraction of the price of finding matching sets through high-priced retailers. 

What do you think of this easy change-over from briefs to bra?