When Kate Lucas received news that she was pregnant with twins, she was downright ecstatic. Lucas explains in a blog published on the Miracle Babies Foundation site that she became pregnant not long after her and her husband had decided to try for another child. However, the ease with which her pregnancy had begun soon vanished the day that Lucas' doctor told her that she'd be having twins and that those twins were Monoamniotic/Monochorionic ("MoMo") identical twins. 

MoMo twins share the same amniotic sac, but have separate umbilical cords. According to Pregnancy Info, MoMo babies are very rare and always identical, occurring in an estimated 1 out of every 35,000 births. Doctors told Lucas that her twins would have a 50-70 percent chance of surviving as MoMo babies face many health hazards because their umbilical cords wrap around one another's. 

After a stressful period of seeking additional medical advice and deciding what would be best for the twins, Lucas and her husband planned on delivering the twins at 32 weeks. Following countless tests, hospital stays, and monitoring sessions, Lucas delivered the twin girls Harper and Cleo, each weighing under 2 kg. The umbilical cord was examined after delivery, shocking all that the twins were able to survive the densely knotted cords. Lucas posted a photo of the umbilical cords on Facebook, which shared rapidly as thousands of individuals were moved by Harper and Cleo's story. 

Lucas posted this picture to Facebook, which quickly went viral. In a blog post, Lucas explained, "As the cords were examined a shocked silence fell over the room. The girls had survived horrific entanglement, with a true knot at one point. We delivered them just in time…..they were truly our miracle MoMo’s."

Today, the girls are about to turn eight years old and are the closest of friends. 

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Posted by Miracle Babies Foundation on Sunday, July 12, 2015