In 1939, in a small Peruvian village located in the mountains, a medical marvel occurred. After five-year-old Lina Medina complained to her parents about intense stomach pains, they took her to see doctors in Pisco, Peru. What doctors initially thought to be a tumor turned out to be something all the more bizarre - Lina was seven months pregnant.

Lina had experienced precocious puberty, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is when a child shows signs of pubertal development earlier than what is considered normal. For girls, puberty occurring before the age of 8 is considered precocious. Thus, 5-year-old Lina's case was extremely unique. Doctors concluded that Lina was fully developed by the age of 3.

Below, get a glimpse into Lina's life - before and after giving birth. Still today, Lina's pregnancy is considered a medical marvel and is taught in schools across the globe. Let us know your thoughts on the story and be sure to share the video on Facebook.