What this man constructs out of a few stencils and some common craft store materials is truly impressive. But what comes next totally took me by surprise.

This man ingeniously transforms a styrofoam gun into a very realistic metallic piece through an intricate homemade method. The outcome of this multi-step tutorial is impressive, but is this really the best idea to make at home? 
Sure, they are essentially harmless. And yes, they could come in handy and be used to scare away potential intruders, but what if a police officer mistakes it for the real thing and takes lethal action? 

Personally, I just don't really see the benefit of doing this for anything other than using it as a cheap prop for a movie or a play. Basically, I feel like this type of life hack would do more harm than good. 

Perhaps I'm being far too worrisome and maybe I just need to lighten up. But what do you think? Please share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us in the comment section below.