Weddings are occasions filled with merriment, tears, the company of loved ones and lots of dancing. Wedding dances have come a long way from the traditional styles that frequented wedding ceremonies in the past. More and more couples are choosing to spice up their wedding dances with unexpected songs or unconventional choreography. The rise of this progressive wedding dance is evidenced through the plethora of wedding dance videos that have gone viral on social media. 
The following video features a newlywed bride and her dad during the wedding's father-daughter dance. The father-daughter dance is a tradition that has been kept alive by families over the years and usually takes the form of a bride and her father dancing to a popular slow song. However, as traditional wedding standards grow less and less prominent, the dance floor has become a place where the unexpected steals the spotlight. 

The father-daughter duo in this video is surrounded by family members and friends as they begin their dance by swaying to an acoustic version of "Brown Eyed Girl." Barely a minute into their special dance, the wedding song makes an abrupt change and the bride and her father begin setting the stage for an entirely different dance. The pair takes it all the way back to 1977 with the Bee Gees' hit song "Night Fever." From that moment, their fun disco turns into a series of dance moves set to everything from Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" to 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye." 

Ron Oberstein is the father in the video, and his eldest daughter Lauren is the newlywed bride dancing alongside him, as described on Oberstein's wife Mary's blog. Ron and Mary Oberstein are both highly accomplished doctors who have established successful practices in the field of chiropractics, as explained by Life Chiropractic Center. Mary Oberstein's blog says the practice "runs in the family" as all three of her and Ron's daughters are on their way to becoming licensed chiropractors. 

Mary Oberstein's most recent blog post is devoted to discussing her daughter Lauren's beautiful wedding. The post is titled "Post Wedding Day Bliss" and it describes the feeling of a loving mother watching her daughter approach a milestone and spread her "wings." According to the entry, the picturesque wedding took place in the beautiful La Jolla area of San Diego, Calif., in late April. The blog post doesn't go into detail about the father-daughter dance, but judging from the video, the performance was a hit.