It's a story that sounds like it's ripped from the script of a TV soap opera. 

Two sets of Columbian twins, switched at birth, spent their whole lives apart until a chance encounter brought them all together 20 years later. Jorge and William were identical twins, as were Carlos and Wilber. Born in the same hospital at around the same time, a mix-up at the hospital left the four babies paired up incorrectly. Carlos and Jorge went home together, as did William and Wilber. 
The two families lived on separate sides of Columbia, but over 20 years after their birth, in 2015,  the four coincidentally were all living in the city of Bogotá. One of Jorge's coworkers saw William working at a butcher shop, and it set into motion a chain of events that would lead to the four meeting in July. Since then, the "brothers" have all moved into the same home together in Bogotá.