A Marine named Drew went to great lengths to make an appearance at the wedding of his sister Kady. Stationed in Japan, Drew hopped on a plane and flew some 6,000 miles to Iowa just in time for the ceremony, which took place in September of last year. It was clear that this brother wasn't going to miss the special occasion for the world. His sister, as well as the many guests, were in for quite the surprise. 

As the bride descended the stairs, arm in arm with her father, she lifted her gaze and took a look around the room, soaking it all in. That's when she noticed a familiar set of eyes at the bottom of the steps. Guests let out a shrill the moment the siblings shared the embrace, and the touching moment was followed by a thunderous round of applause. The bride then continued her walk to the altar, now with both dad and brother. Her smile said it all.