Richmond, Virginia, couple Scott and Sandi Bergman decided to bring their sense of humor to the beach on a typical summer's day in North Carolina. While enjoying a mid-July vacation on the Outer Banks in Nags Head, the couple hauled their latest homemade project to a popular beach where they attracted more than just a few curious looks. The Bergmans designed their very own "shark cages" to protect them from sharks while swimming; the structures are eye-catching to say the least. 

Footage of the Bergmans wading into the water while enclosed in their "shark cages" was taken by an onlooker. The video shows the couple getting stopped by a lifeguard who seems befuddled by their contraptions. Sandi later explained to ABC News affiliate WRIC that the cages were initially designed in jest, revealing that they'd wanted to film a spoof with them. 

Not everyone who has seen the "shark cages" thinks it's as comical as the Bergmans do. However, the mixed reactions haven't stopped the couple from making the most out of their invention. Sandi told WRIC that she and her husband wanted to do something "lighthearted" in light of all the bad news in the world. 

The video isn't the only evidence of the Bergmans testing out their shark cages. 
Since being uploaded on July 21, the video of the Bergmans has accrued over 1.2 million views.