Shaunna Oxford, mother of three, claims that on Friday, July 24, 2015, the Happiness Is a Learning Center day care in Vinita, Okla., left two of her children in the sun almost all day with very little sunscreen on. That day reached 110 degrees outside and resulted in severe second and third degree sunburns. 
Local news station KJRH reports that when Oxford picked up her sons,  7-year-old Connor and 5-year-old Trae, from day care, they were already complaining of being burnt. Buzzfeed goes on to say that by Saturday the backs and shoulders of the two boys were covered with big, yellow blisters. Their mother took them to the Claremore Regional Hospital. On Sunday, Oxford took the boys to Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa when things took a turn for the worse. Connor, who is a redhead and therefore especially vulnerable to sunburns, said he could not really breath. His grandfather Wayne Broadway told Fox23 News "his chest looked swollen." That was when the medical center recommended that the family fly the children to the Shriners Hospital For Children in Galveston, Texas, where they were treated for a few days.

The story rapidly caught the media's attention when Amanda Harvey, the aunt of the two boys, posted the gruesome results of her nephews being exposed to the sunlight on her Facebook profile July 25, 2015, hoping to get the news outlets involved in the story. 

*Warning: The images included in this article are extremely graphic. 

Both Fox 23 News and KJRH report that the day care took the kids to a splash pad where they remained in the sun most of the day without any sunscreen on them. Although the day care owner's lawyer has apparently recommended he not comment on the issue, the family claims that despite not having any sunscreen left, the daycare workers did not force the kids to wear t-shirts to protect them from the sun. Oxford told Buzzfeed Life that when she went to pick up her sons, some of the employees were even laughing at one of the kids: "[The employees] were actually making fun of my older son, because both boys got sunburns, but he was being a 'baby' and crying about it."

The family has filed a report with the Venita Police Department, and both the police and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services are currently investigating the issue. Officer Bobby Floyd told Buzzfeed Life that the department has been "conducting interviews at the day care, the hospital and with other parents to see if there's anything that leads us to conclude it was neglect or child abuse." Although no other kids were sunburned that day, Floyd continues saying that the police are "exhausting all resources to see what happened and hopefully get justice for these boys." This is not the first time the day care has had problems. The Oklahoma DHS website states the day care has already been cited several times for noncompliance with state regulations in the last 10 months. These infractions include things such as expired fire extinguishers or having too many kids in the same spot. CNN reports that the owner of the day care has agreed to cease providing care for children as of July 27, 2015, although still refusing to comment on the issue or to return CNN calls. 

The grandfather of the kids has launched a GoFundMe campaign along with his cousin in order to alleviate the financial burden for Oxford, who recently started a new job and has to take care of the boys' baby brother while having to travel to the hospital. A note on the GoFundMe site says that the boys are now home and recovering.