Looking for a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth but doesn't require a multitude of ingredients? Well, look no further. This is the three-ingredient soufflé cheesecake, otherwise known as Japanese cotton cheesecake. 
Enter YouTube chef Ochikeron, or Ochi, who specializes in concocting Japanese meals that are tasty, creative, and aesthetically pleasing. She claims to be an amateur, but a quick glance at her channel might have you thinking differently. According to her Facebook bio, Ochi's been cooking since 2003 and was sharing her recipes for a number of years on Cookpad, a Japanese recipe sharing site.

On her Facebook page, Ochi says she began posting tutorials to her YouTube page back in 2011, after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. She explained: "I decided to share them with people in the world, to let many people know about the delicious foods in Japan!!!"

Since then, she's amassed over 700,000 followers and some 81 million page views — and counting. When she speaks, her viewers listen. The meals and treats she whips up in her own home are promptly imitated in kitchens all over the globe. Followers often ask questions about the recipes, to which Ochi typically provides answers.

Ochi's most popular video, nearing 5.5 million views, is a simple cheesecake recipe. It was released back in May of 2013, but it still has people talking. Viewers continue chiming in to ask about portion size or substitutions. The recipe only calls for three ingredients and seems easy enough to follow.

If that got your attention, here's what you'll need to follow along:

— 3 eggs
— 4.3 ounces of white chocolate
— 4.3 ounces of cream cheese 

The cheesecake should take about an hour to prepare and cook. The recipe serves six and is great for parties, as it's both time-efficient and hassle-free. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out Ochi's tutorial below and follow along if you desire.