Parenting isn't always the walk in the park that many envision it as. In fact, it's often miles away from that notion, as many new parents come to realize within mere hours of having a newborn. Thad and Esther Anderson from the YouTube channel "Story of This Life" demonstrate the immense naivety they possessed before having their first child Ellia. The real side of parenting is messy, downright comical and every bit as beautiful as one would imagine. 
Not only are the Andersons' lives filled with the chaos that comes with being new parents, but they also have the added stress of frequent uprooting. In a mere six years, the family has lived in over 21 different places because of Thad's work in construction. Currently, the Andersons are residing in Tampa, Florida, where this video was shot. Since being uploaded on July 28, 2015, the video has accumulated over 200,000 views. 

Esther's humor and on-screen candidness has found success across a number of her YouTube videos. The Andersons have a knack for producing comical, family-centric videos and spoofs for the sake of making others laugh while providing an entertaining glimpse into their everyday lives. See what they're all about by watching the video below!