Located in Amsterdam, Zoku Lofts attempts to revolutionize how hotels meet the needs of today's jet setting culture. Five years in the making, designers began by interviewing frequent travelers to determine what are the key features needed in a modern hotel or temporary apartment. Set to open this fall, each loft is designed to accommodate stays from a single night to several months with the goal of providing "global nomads" the comforts they miss most while traveling for work- social connection and a sense of home.  

In contrast to the traditional hotel or studio apartment, the central feature is a living space and dining table- the perfect place to host a meeting (live or virtual), or to entertain guests when seeking a much needed break. The easily hidden loft bed sacrifices none of the guest's privacy or convenience while allowing the hotel to maintain a relatively small footprint within the busy urban setting of Amsterdam. Guests no longer have to feel like they are "living in a bedroom for days on end," but can create a sense of space to suit their personal tastes. Even the artwork can be swapped with a piece out of the hotel gallery. 

With an emphasis on ease of collaboration and making new connections, shared spaces include game rooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. The traditional dark hotel bar has been replaced with a vibrant living room where guests can mingle as though at a friendly party. Shared rooms are also available as small groups up to 6 or 8 for more intimate settings, and spaces to host traditional meetings can also be reserved. 

Although the video highlights the Zoku Loft XL, the hotel offers a range of rooms. The smallest, the Zoku Bunk, has the basic hotel room needs and is perfect for those wanting to take advantage of the city and social spaces of the hotel for just a few nights. Families and larger parties can book the Zoku Loft XXL, which has all the amenities of the Loft XL, but also includes an adjacent second bedroom. Zoku Lofts offers the ideal accommodation for extended stays, merging the best of hotel and home.