Lip sync videos often sail through the internet without registering much of a blip on the radar. Every now and again, however, a performance comes along that has the power to redefine a genre and show us what a little bit of creativity can really do. It turns out that for the comedic trio SketchSHE, what it can do is reach nearly 30 million viewers within the first 5 months of being uploaded to YouTube. 
SketchSHE is comprised of wickedly witty Australian comedians Shae-Lee Shackleford, Lana Kington, and Madison Lloyd. As their website and troupe name make clear, the backbone of their craft is in sketch comedy, but there is no denying the tour de force of their automobile-backdropped lip sync creations. Their intentionally bold style aims to push the boundaries of run-of-the-mill performances that can be found scattered across the web. So when these Aussies wanted to take their audience on a musical time warp from Elvis to Miley Cyrus, they went above and beyond to visually morph as the musicians do. Watch the video below but be prepared — as the performance comes to a close, they chose a cheeky, clever way to poke a little fun at Miley's public penchant for inappropriateness.

Recognizing groups like SketchSHE helps keep the standard for internet entertainment high, which is the best way to ensure that the next generation of performers will get the inspiration and encouragement needed to think outside the box in an effort to make us all smile. Who knows what will spark the next comedic genius? Perhaps all it will take is watching three hilarious women have a little fun pretending to drive a car.