Baker Sharon Carter was stunned when she received a large sum of cash from a local radio station to help pay for her mounting expenses.

Carter owns Mrs. C's Cupcakes, a bakery in Penrith, Australia. According to Newsner, the mother of four was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. In addition, one of Carter's sons suffers from multiple physical and developmental ailments. Carter's cancer treatments combined with her son's continuing medical bills placed a large financial strain on the family.
Newsner reports that Carter was forced to work longer hours to stay economically afloat. But her long working hours meant she wasn't able to spend as much time with her children as she wanted. 

Local radio celebrity Jackie O heard Carter's story and formulated a plan to help the struggling mother. Jackie O, pretending to be an unsatisfied customer, entered Mrs. C's Cupcakes last month and claimed to have received a batch of stale cupcakes. Jackie O asked Carter to see for herself how stale the cupcakes were and handed the baker a box that presumably had cupcakes inside.

Much to Carter's surprise, the box did not contain cupcakes. Instead, Jackie O handed Carter a box full of cash. 

"You can spend more time with your son now," the radio personality said after Carter opened the box containing $10,000. "Will that help?"

Carter told the Daily Telegraph that she intends on using the money to pay her bakery's lease payments, as well as several improvements to the store.