Dolph first met Eden in the summer of 2014. They weren't close friends at first, but a year later their relationship changed.

Dolph Volker -- who describes himself on his YouTube channel page as an "animal advocate with a Zoology degree" -- traveled to South Africa during the summers of 2014 and 2015 to volunteer at Cheetah Experience. Cheetah Experience is a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage breeding in the cheetah population. 
It was at Cheetah Experience where Volker met Eden. Unlike most other cheetahs at the center, Eden is not going to be used for breeding. According to Volker, she's used as a"therapy cheetah" to help her best friend Faith -- a cheetah suffering from spinal meningitis. 

Volker says he's held a love for animals his whole life, but when he watched his first dog die in his arms, everything changed. Volker writes on his YouTube page, "All life had greater meaning after that." Since then, Volker has spent time volunteering at animal centers like Cheetah Experience.

Volker believes that napping with cheetahs is a way to build a relationship with them. In the summer of 2015, Volker attempted to nap with Eden at Cheetah Experience. Volker uploaded a video of his attempt to YouTube. "When an animal can become comfortable enough with you at their most vulnerable state," writes Volker in the video's description, "that is when you've reached true trust."