Birthday girl Bonnie Amend wanted to start off her 60s with a bang. So, accompanied by her husband and two daughters, she traveled from Le Roy, N.Y., to Manhattan to crash the "Today" show plaza. Amend hoped that she would be chosen for an "ambush makeover," where audience members are pulled from the crowd and whisked away to redo their hair and makeup.
On Aug. 20, Amend's wish came true. Famed hairstylist Louis Licari and TV personality Jill Martin picked the newly turned 60-year-old out of the frenzied crowd, as can be seen in the "Today" show segment below. They swooped her away and took her to the studio, where the transformation began.

Amend, a library clerk, told the "Today" show that she never wears makeup. Her daughter seemed to be the catalyst for the idea of a makeover, stating in an interview: "We want my mom to get a fresh start ... We want to get her all polished up and look great and everything for her 60th birthday." 

Later, Amend's husband and daughters, with blindfolds on, awaited their matriarch's unveiling. When she came out — and the blindfolds came off — they hooped and hollered with joy. Clearly, her family was thrilled.

Earlier in the segment, 58-year-old Lenise Melton was chosen for an ambush makeover as well. Her best friend of five decades, Sheryl, was the one pushing the idea. The two reportedly awoke at the crack of dawn and made their way to the plaza for prime seating. Sheryl held a sign that read "Ambush Needed," with an arrow pointed toward her friend.

Melton's transformation included a much-needed haircut and a total upheaval to her style, which she told "Today" was "missing." Licari and Martin were delighted at the opportunity to bring it some life. 

They didn't disappoint.

At Melton's unveiling, longtime friend Sheryl was speechless. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped. She could hardly believe it.

Both Amend's and Melton's makeovers can be seen below.