Twelve-year-old Malory Steiner assumed she was witnessing another litterbug when she spotted a man in a dark SUV toss a garbage bag out of his car. To her surprise, the bag began to move and tear away, revealing a sickly dog. 

Rushing to his aid, Malory and her mother, Melissa Steiner, removed the bag from around him, and immediately contacted the Town of Royalton Dog Control, reports New York's WKBW. "We took the bag off its neck, and there was just, flies and gnats, and the smell was just unbearable," Melissa Steiner recounted.

The rescued pug, since named Teddy, was taken into the care of Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue. An initial assessment done by rescue worker Chris Catchpole included "extensive skin issues ... eye issues" and visible difficulty walking. She noted that it appears Teddy had been suffering from problems "for a long time. This is not something new." According to WKBW, a later medical examination revealed that Teddy was also dehydrated and had a broken tail. 

Lucky to have been spotted by Malory, Teddy is responding well to treatment and is acclimating to his new life in the loving hands of the dog group since his rescue Aug. 23. "He's the happiest little guy. Just bursting with love," they shared on their Facebook page this past Friday.

"It is just disgusting. I still can't believe someone would do something like that," Melissa Steiner told WKBW. 

Scott Wymyczak, who was the responding officer for Royalton Dog Control, told The Buffalo News that there has been an increase in similarly abandoned dogs in the area. Believing that people are opting for abandonment instead of paying a surrender fee to the SPCA, he noted, “The biggest thing is uneducated people. These rescue groups will take them. It’s just a matter of making contact with them.” 

Teddy says TGIF.......11 days into rescue and his personality is emerging. He's the happiest little guy. Just bursting with love. This is our puggy playtime! Teddy being so silly. Love this boy.

Posted by Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc. on Friday, September 4, 2015