The cheerleaders at Lumberton High School in Lumberton, Texas, have caused quite a stir with their most recent routine. Recorded below is footage of the routine, which was performed as a tribute to 9/11 on the 14th anniversary. The video shows Lumberton cheerleaders moving with precision through a routine set to "God Bless the U.S.A." by Lee Greenwood. However, a careful listen to the video's audio reveals that snippets from news reporters, phone calls and witnesses recorded on 9/11 are mixed in with the song. 
Lauren Sheffield, the squad's coach, told Buzzfeed News that the girls have been performing a 9/11 routine since 2002. Sheffield also remarked that she had even performed the routine when she was a student. Despite the 13 years spent performing the number, this year marks the first time the squad's routine has made viral headlines. Since it was uploaded to Facebook on Sept. 11, the video has amassed over 26 million views, inciting a number of mixed reactions from viewers. 

While the video has seen an overwhelming amount of support and praise, the routine has also been the target of heated criticism. A number of individuals have come out against the squad's use of real sound bites from 9/11 as "background music," calling the decision both "tasteless" and "cringeworthy."  

According to USA Today, the squad has come out in defense of the routine. The squad's captain told the network that she and the other girls take the routine very seriously and will maintain a positive outlook on their tribute to the fallen of 9/11.