Gathering friends and family outdoors for some summer fun should be a pleasurable experience, but sometimes the labor involved with lugging food, drinks, and entertainment to the park can turn an enjoyable day into a nightmare. 
Ryan Grepper hoped that he could make summertime gatherings more pleasurable by revolutionizing the portable ice chest, a staple of summer festivities. He created the Coolest (a play on the term cooler) in the summer of 2014 and added modern features to the classic design -- including a built-in blender, cutting board, Bluetooth speakers, and USB ports to charge your phone. 

“Until a revolutionary product comes along, you don’t realize that there hasn’t been innovation,”  Grepper told MakerBot. "I think the last big innovation in coolers was wheels."

It seems like people were ready for a change. Grepper of Oregon was hoping to raise $50,000 through the crowdsourcing website Kickstarter, but in less than two months Grepper had raised over $13 million, selling over 60,000 Coolest coolers. At the time, Grepper's Coolest was the highest-funded project in Kickstarter history. 

“With success came high expectations," Grepper told the Guardian in July. "But I don’t think of the challenges that have arisen as a curse – just obstacles to overcome.” 

One of those obstacles has been creating and shipping more coolers than originally planned. According to the Coolest's Kickstarter page, shipment was supposed to begin in February, but KPTV reports that shipments did not go out until the end of August. As the summer months come to a close, Coolest fans may have to wait until next summer to try out their new device. 

Kickstarter backers were able to pick up the Coolest for $185, but retail versions are up for sale on the Coolest website for $485.