Sarah and Andy Justice planned on adopting a single child, but months later they now have five infants to take care of.

The couple attempted to have children naturally, but after three and a half years of trying they began to seek help. Early in 2014 Sarah and Andy told Tulsa World that they traveled from their home in Tulsa, Okla., to see a specialist in St. Louis. The news the Justices received from the specialist wasn't what they wanted.
The couple was told in vitro fertilization would cost between $30,000 and $60,000, and there was no guarantee the process would work. Tulsa World reported that there was only a 10 percent chance IVF would be successful.

“We took that as a ‘no,’ ” Andy told Tulsa World.  “So we started the adoption process.”

The couple was soon paired with a birth mother, but during the mother's first ultrasound everyone received a surprise when they learned triplets were on the way. 

“Wow! This is great,” Sarah told Tulsa World. “It’s everything we wanted.” 

The babies were born two months premature and were placed in neonatal intensive care.  While they were still in the hospital, Sarah received news that she had become pregnant with twins.

"Did we panic a little? Of course," Andy told Tulsa World. "But we were very happy.”

All of the children eventually came home, and the Justice family had to figure out the logistics of raising five infants at once. 

The "Today" show reports that although the couple goes through 300 diapers a week, they have yet to pay for a single one. 

“They’ve all been donated so far,” Andy said. “We’ve been very, very blessed.”

The Justice family's local church supplies them with cooked meals, and friends and family help watch the children while the couple is at work, according to Tulsa World.