Mark Alford and his girlfriend Ellie are currently living large in their 200-square-foot tiny home. According to an interview with Shelby Tramel for Olivers Apparel, living in an expensive studio in West Oakland, Calif., didn't sit right with the couple, so they decided to make a change. The images below reveal the incredible efforts Alford made in order to make that very change.

"We were just fed up with the whole stereotype of needing everything," explains Alford, who spent $7,000 and six months to create his very own tiny-home space that has everything the couple needs.

Photographer Zachary Domes takes us inside Alford's new wood pallet and corrugated metal world. The photos show just how much joy can be had by living the tiny home life. Right off the bat, it's clear that the self-proclaimed "unprofessional cyclist" is all smiles in his tiny new abode.


Alford rests inside his hand-built, 200-square-foot tiny home with his feet dangling from high up on the loft.

The minimalist lifestyle doesn't just apply to Alford and Ellie, his dogs also have a place to call their own in this tiny home.


The corrugated metal roof passes Alford's weight test with flying colors. The wood pallet frame design is intended to be spacious, with "proportionately large windows creating a constant airflow," writes Tramel.



Alford also took a few progress pics of the tiny home's construction.

Alford gives us a glimpse of the interior of his tiny home before completion. It's certainly a far cry from the high-rent studio life the couple was living.

The most important aspects of any home, tiny or large, are that you can make it your own and it feels truly livable. See below for some in-house support Alford received from a few friends.

"Mark’s home is a reflection of himself," observes Tramel, but there's no arguing that while the home may be tiny, Alford has huge ambitions for living a simpler life.