Artist Thomas Medicus reveals his hand-painted, anamorphic kinetic sculpture titled 'Emergence Lab' in the video below.  The cubic sculpture presents a rather jumbled image if you are not viewing it from a handful of specific vantage points, but the images hidden within become clear as the sculpture is turned and flipped. 

The sculpture pays homage to the idea of emergence. Emergence is a process in fields such as philosophy, art, and science by which something larger - an entity of sorts, a pattern, or a regularity - results from the interaction of smaller parts that, when considered alone, do not possess the qualities of the larger entity. In Medicus's sculpture, there are many small entities - painted strips of laser-cut acrylic glass, to be specific - that upon the right interaction present distinct painted images. 

On his website, Medicus explains further, "Through a plug system made out of 216 laser cut acrylic glass strips, a cubic framework, which contains layers pointing towards all three spatial dimensions, is created." There is a painting on each side of the cube, and each one can only be seen from a very specific angle. Medicus goes on to explain how the images do not overlap each other, saying, "Since every figure fills the exact same surface as its counterpart on the opposite side, the rear image is covered while looking at one figure."

Be sure to watch in HD, if possible, as it makes the effects of the sculpture significantly more vivid!