At first glance, Singaporean blogger Jaye T.'s short bob looks like your standard style, but there's more to this natural looking hair color than meets the eye. Jumping on the oil-slick hair color trend (which Popsugar attributes to colorist Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger Salon), Jaye's sleek mane adds another layer of intrigue to this technicolor technique. Hidden beneath her dark hair is a panel of rich blue, green, and purple locks that resembles the iridescence of petrol.

On the original Tumblr post showcasing her new 'do, Jaye gives her look the name "secret metamorphmagus hair," a reference to witches and wizards in the Harry Potter universe who, according to Harry Potter Wiki, have "the ability to change his or her physical appearance at will." That names captures the magic of this transforming color to a T. For those looking for hair color ideas who are unwilling to completely abandon their natural hair color, this versatile color technique allows you to have an enchanting little secret with minimal bleaching. When asked about how to replicate her envy-worthy tresses, Jaye advises that you collect copious amounts of reference pictures so that your stylist knows exactly what effect you're after.