Wayne Martin's backyard is more than meets the feet. Walking the grounds you'll likely notice a small man-made concrete opening, but it's what resides below your toes that you might not expect. The video below details how Martin dug a massive hole in his backyard and buried a 20-foot shipping container inside. This subterranean shipping container acts as a convenient and sturdy underground shelter that is easily accessible and safe.

Shipping containers vary in price depending on condition, location, and size, but according to Out-Back Storage, a 20-foot container like Martin uses can be purchased for roughly $3,000. Make no mistake, Martin's shipping container shelter creation is no small undertaking. From excavating the soil to physically placing the shipping container in the hole, it's clear that a lot of time, preparation, and money was invested.

Martin reveals that he uses his subterranean shipping container shelter as a wine cellar, but suggests that it can be used for any purpose one might need. Regardless of how the shelter is utilized, the popularity of his creation is evident. To date Martin's video has amassed over 4.7 million views since he posted the clip to YouTube back in 2009.