Not long after his 40th birthday, Jared Mollenkopf weighed over 500 lbs.  Finally, he awoke one day and decided to make a drastic change to his lifestyle. "Every day I've woken up heavier than I was the day before," Mollenkopf said on YouTube. "It was a fact of life and I accepted it... I knew that it required a change in lifestyle."
Mollenkopf discovered a yoga program by famed professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, and combined with a change in his diet, managed to lose 180 lbs. in only nine months. While at a film screening in Utah, Mollenkopf met Page face-to-face for the first time. According to the DDP Yoga website, the former wrestler was so amazed at Mollenkopf's progress, that he invited him to participate in his workout videos. After 15 months, Mollenkopf had lost over 300 lbs. 

Below is a video of Mollenkopf, after he had lost the weight, reading an emotional blog entry that he had made before he started dieting and working out. At one point, Mollenkopf becomes so moved that he begins to cry. The video was uploaded to Diamond Dallas Page's YouTube channel.