It's not uncommon for children to get made fun of for what they wear while growing up, but it's pretty rare for the bully's parents to react like these did upon finding out. One Utah mom received word that her fiancé's daughter had been shaming a fellow classmate for the clothes she was wearing, and she knew just the way to teach her a lesson.

You might be surprised to hear that her punishment was a shopping spree — but the 2013 story doesn't stop there. Fourth-grader Kaylee Lindstrom and her stepmom were headed to a thrift store, and in Kaylee's mind, the two were playing a game of "let's find the ugliest stuff for sale." 

It wasn't until the two got home that Kaylee's stepmom informed her that those ugly dresses she picked out were actually what she would be wearing to school in the coming days. 

As expected, Kaylee received much of the same treatment she had been dishing out upon her arrival in class the next week. Her stepmom puts the logic simply, "if you felt how this little girl (that Kaylee had made fun of) feels, you might have a little empathy for her."

Kaylee describes the experience as "terrible," but when asked if it were an appropriate punishment, her answer is unwavering: an affirmative nod that she's "happy that they did it this way."

The experience prompted Kaylee to apologize to the girl she'd bullied, and according to ABC News, "now, they are best friends."

Experts don't agree that the parents' tactics were the right ones, but it's hard to doubt their ingenuity. ABC News talked to Edward Hallowell, Ph.D., and he's one of the experts doubting this strategy. He fears that "through humiliation, the child learns that they're less than." Hallowell concludes by stating that he doesn't "think this is the way to teach empathy."

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