An Orange County, Fla., man thought something suspicious was afoot when he found a large bald spot while mowing his yard. The unnatural place in the grass was located just outside his daughters’ bedroom window.

According to a 2014 report filed by WFTV News, it took the dad just a few hours to discover the culprit and the cause of said bald spot, when he caught a man allegedly using a cinder block to look into his daughters’ window from the backyard.

According to Fox8 News’ report, that window looks in on the bedroom shared by
the father’s 8-year-old and 11-year-old daughters. The investigative father said he chased the man upon discovering him, but the intruder got away by jumping over a neighbor’s fence.

While the dad refused to be identified, his neighbors came out in force to support the cause and make their own improvements to ensure a similar fate does not befall their homes.

Neighbor Sasha Buckovic told WFTV he was going to trim back the trees around his home’s windows after hearing what had happened next door.

“I don’t need any pervert hiding behind some walls or some bushes,” Buckovic told the TV station. “I figure, clear all the stuff out of here so nobody can hide.”