Steven Corthorn thought something suspect was going on when he kept arriving home from work to find his young children covered in injuries. A hidden surveillance camera installed in his apartment revealed the horrible truth.

According to WDRB News, Corthorn’s wife, Kendra Beswick, has been arrested and charged with two counts of battery on a child younger than 14 after Corthorn posted a video showing her repeatedly hitting two of the couple’s three children.

In the report filed by WDRB, Indiana State Police Sgt. Jerry Goodin said the video footage is crucial evidence in the case. “(There is) a big difference in spanking a child and beating a child, and I think that anybody can watch this video and probably can say that the mother probably went too far.”

According to a report by Fox59 News, the police turned the matter over to the Washington County prosecutor’s office, which issued a warrant for Beswick’s arrest in early December 2015.

Corthorn has since filed for divorce, but told WDRB that he does not wish to see his wife imprisoned for her actions. “I want to see her get some help, get some counseling — get some help,” Corthorn said. “I know they said they were sending her through anger management and parenting classes.”

I'm posting this video to show that it's not always the guy who is the abuser to children. This woman Kendra Beswick or KKendra Beswick is the woman pictured and also their mom. I'm their father. You all share and let's see this video blow up. These kids deserve justice. Pictures are in comments. I've setup a go fund me account to help with legal expenses.

Posted by Steven B Corthorn on Monday, November 30, 2015