When a tree came crashing into the front room of the house, Tanya Tyler and her 9-month-old baby were miraculously saved by what the mom referred to as "instinct." KREM TV reports that the Spokane, Wash., mother and her baby were in the living room where the mom was folding clothes. Tyler says that she "heard in my mind, like instinctively, maybe, 'Run!' ” Without stopping to think, Tyler grabbed her baby and ran into a different room. As she was going, she heard the sound of a tree falling; and when she looked back, she saw a tree lying where she and the baby had been.

KREM and Opposing Views are calling what Tyler heard "mother's intuition." According to Psychology Today, intuition "involves fast, holistic affect-laden judgments ('gut feelings') that happen without conscious or deliberate weighing of facts" and "has been well documented by research." Intuition is based on knowledge of people or situations. It draws on past experience to allow the individual to make a split-second decision without taking the time to sit and carefully think through all the details. 

The same article goes on to talk about maternal instinct and says, " 'Maternal instinct' implies a biologically based, in-born knowledge that tells us how to parent." Thus far, no evidence has been found to support the idea of maternal instinct existing.

Obviously, something prompted Tyler to leave the room before the tree came crashing in. Could it be intuition, instinct or Someone who watches out for His creation?