Nothing brings people together like good music. You don't have to speak the same language to be able to communicate in this universal language that transcends all the normal language barriers. This idea was proven on March 13, 2015, when two strangers came together to perform a beautiful rendition of Ludovico Einaudi's "Una Mattina" at a piano in a train station in Paris. 

According to Spotted by Locals, SNCF train company decided to place a piano in its Paris station in 2013 for people to play while they were waiting for the train. Other French stations also have pianos. These instruments have become known as “a vous de jouer” pianos, which translated means "it's your turn to play." People take turns playing whatever they feel like at the pianos, and passers-by get to enjoy impromptu "concerts."

The YouTube video posted below starts with one young man playing a tune at one of the "a vous de jouer" pianos. After a little while, a second young man came up and joined in. Before long the two were putting on quite a show, switching back and forth to first one end of the piano and then the other. They hardly spoke a word to each other as they played. What's even more amazing is that the piece sounds as if it was pre-rehearsed! When they were finished, they shook hands and parted company.