For years women have struggled with how to guarantee their personal safety from would-be criminals: Tasers? Mace? Hand guns? The answer, it turns out, might be a device the size of a quarter.

Meet Athena, a product called "Smart Safety Jewelry" by its creators at Roar for Good. There are no gags or gimmicks involved. When the device is activated by pushing a button, it emits a powerfully loud alarm to alert people to a threat, while also broadcasting the user's GPS location to any number of friends, family members or emergency services.
The device is the brainchild of co-founder Yasmine Mustafa, according to a report from Huffington Post. Mustafa wanted something small that any woman would feel comfortable using when threatened.

"Every two minutes, a woman is attacked in America," Mustafa said. "We found that women don't like the self defense tools that are out there. They're too hard to use. They're afraid they'll use them against themselves."

Mustafa's Roar for Good started a campaign on startup funding website Indiegogo hoping to raise $40,000 to get the product line going. As of Nov. 22, 2015, more than $303,000 had been raised, according to the company's Indiegogo Web page.