It's never too late to discover your wild side. Just ask 79-year-old Sadie Sellers. The great-grandmother snuck out of her nursing home with the help of her granddaughter Samantha to get her first tattoo. A Daily Mail report from July 29, 2015, states that her son Tony, however, was on his way over for his daily visit to the nursing home when it appeared the Sellerses had gone missing.

According to the Daily Mail, the only other time Tony's mother had been absent from the Daleview House nursing home in Londonderry, U.K., she had been with his daughter Samantha. Tony quickly put two and two together and learned that, in fact, Samantha is exactly who Sellers was with. He couldn't have known why they were together, though.

So what fresh ink did Sellers get tattooed on her arm? A little outline of a heart.  "When you get to my age, you just have to live life to the full every day," said Sellers to the Daily Mail. Of course, when she was asked about how her family might respond if they learned she left the nursing home on a whim to get a tattoo, she replied, "I don’t f— care." It is safe to say this is one nursing home breakout who lives by her own rules.

Be advised the video below might contain inappropriate language for some, as Sellers' voice is unedited.